Attention Members:


Our Local Lodge is now open Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm except for Tuesdays which may open a little later but remain open past 1pm on Local Lodge and Executive Board Meeting Days. 








Local Lodge Officers
Committee Member Election

Nominations:  November 3 at Lodge Meeting
Election:  December 1st 8am-8pm

Read and download the LL 1932 Nomination and Election Notice for more information!

Absentee Ballot Request Form

Local Lodge Meeting

Tuesday December 01, 2015  
12109 Hawthorne Blvd.
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Meeting agenda

Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday December 15, 2015 1:30pm


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Shop Stewards must fill out a Shop Steward Salary report
to get paid.
Salaries are paid quarterly and to get paid ontime the form must be submitted by the 20th of the previous month.
April (Jan, Feb, Mar)           due 3/20
July (for April, May, June)   due 6/20
Oct (for July, August, Sept) due 9/20 January (for Oct Nov, Dec) due 12/20.
Please submit at the last meeting of the quarter or by the 20th to get paid on time.

Need information about on the job injuries?
Attorney Sherry E. Grant is now at the Lodge from 2:00-4:00 every 1st Tuesday of the month before our Local Lodge meeting.


Local Lodge Officers


President                       Kevin Hayes

Vice President              Deryl Gaylord

Secretary Treasurer     Elaine Temple-Roy

Recording Secretary    Joe Martinez

Conductor Sentinel       Arno Hohn

Trustee                           Craig (Whitey) Lewis

Trustee                           Mendez Landers

Trustee                           Andrew Gibson



Sherryine Cummings

Marictza Flores

Laura Gallo



Raul Veliz


Web Master

Rachael Ragno Ackerman


Committee Persons

UA SNA Renee Von Vietinghoff

UA LAX Nancy Sweeney

US LAX Ellen Bruck

AS  Rachael Ragno Ackerman



Matt Gockel

Arno Hohn

Tony Fortun




Join a Committee!!!

We are looking for members to join and be active in EAP, Legislative and Women's committees. Please submit your interest in writing to the Executive Board.



About Us

Steven O. Cooke Air Transport IAMAW Local Lodge 1932 is located in Hawthorne, CA near Los Angeles and includes members from LAX, SNA, SBA, BUR, ONT and PSP.

We serve members from Districts 141 and 142 including United Airlines, US Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, British Airways, and Alaska Airlines.

Our Local Lodge meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 4pm and our Executive Board meeting is the third Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm.

The Lodge is open from  Monday-Friday  9:00am-1:00pm

Phone: 310-676-8553
FAX :   310-676-7104

Our address is 12109 Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, CA 90250.
The Lodge is located on Hawthorne between 120th and W.Broadway but please enter through the back entrance at 12109 Hawthorne Way.
There is a parking lot with limited parking.
















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